TOPS Weight-Loss Support Membership Benefits

Choose the option that's right for you, and enjoy these benefits for a whole year.

Your first visit to any chapter is free—there's no obligation to join. You can always change chapters, start your own chapter or convert your membership from chapter to online or from online to chapter. For fastest access to all your TOPS benefits, pay your membership fee online for chapter or online program.

Benefits for Online and In-Person Membership

All members, whether attending meetings in-person or online receive these benefits.

  • TOPS News member magazine (6 issues bimonthly)
  • My Day One quick-start guide for weight loss
    (You will receive at chapter meeting or by mail for online members.)
  • Full access to easy-to-use-online resources*
    (See list of resources to the right.)
  • Optional email newsletters and coaching messages (You must sign up to receive these.)
  • Opportunity to purchase TOPS tools and materials available exclusively to members.
  • No cost to switch between online and in-person membership or vice versa. 
  • No cost to change chapters if you move, change jobs, etc.

Differing Benefits for Online and In-Person Membership In-Person Online
Weekly online member email  
Weekly online chatroom meetings  
Accountability at weekly confidential weigh-in
In-person support at weekly chapter meetings
Become a KOPS member (after you meet your goal weight)
Pay local chapter dues (averages $5 per month, varies by chapter)

Opportunity to:

• Attend workshops, rallies and events
(extra fee for event registration)

• Receive weight-loss recognition at events
(extra fee for event registration)

• Participate in contests
• Win awards for your weight-loss progress
(Participation varies by chapter)


* Requires creation of free online account. Benefits may be changed at any time without prior notice.