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Updated September 15, 2023
Thulium, symbolized by Tm, is a rare earth element with limited practical uses. For my refracted purpose, I can add another use for this symbol. I can add another use for this symbol.

Every other week, Rick Danforth, TOPS President, shares his insights and weight-loss journey.

Updated September 20, 2023
The main macronutrient many of us consistently struggle to get enough of is protein.

Every other week, TOPS Nutrition and Fitness Editor Rachel Werner shares wellness tips.

Updated July 25, 2023
Throughout TOPS’ history, members have mailed in cards to celebrate milestones and holidays. Let’s continue this in celebration of our 75th anniversary.

Michelle Ganley, Director of Communications for TOPS Club, Inc., shares the latest TOPS News.

Updated August 9, 2023
When I’m tired, the first thing that comes to mind to wake me up from my midday slump is either an energy drink, a green tea or some coffee. However, I don’t always want something to drink, so I go on the hunt for some high-energy, healthy foods to eat. .

Lexi Wojcik-Kretchmer, communications specialist for TOPS Club and a writer/editor for TOPS News, shares anything TOPS related.

TOPS 75th Anniversary

TOPS 75th Anniversary 1948-2023
Jan 19, 2023

Celebrating 75 Years With TOPS Club

TOPS Club is ringing in its 75th year – and we plan to celebrate throughout 2023.

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Summer Drinks
July 17, 2023

The TOPS Ten Cool Summer Drinks

Watching your weight doesn’t have to sentence you to a life of water and diet drinks. You can still keep this summer sweet without lots of extra sugar and calories. Quench your thirst with these tasty suggestions.

June 21, 2023

10 Ways to Beat the Heat

Taming the season’s high temperatures with safe activities, hydration, and light food will help you stay happy and healthy. Even on summer’s hottest days, keep your cool with the following tips.

May 30, 2023

10 Ways to Get Outside More

Whether you’re flying solo or looking for a group activity, the great outdoors has something to offer everyone.

Nov 9, 2022

Forgot your password? It happens!

Let's dive into how easy it is to reset your forgotten password. We’re always happy to help you at TOPS Headquarters. But if you don’t want to use up valuable time in your day exchanging emails with us, troubleshooting the issue over the phone, etc. … now, you won’t have to!

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Monday Moment of Truth blog (Archive)

Connecting with you for over 10 years through the Monday Moment of Truth featured on www.tops.org has been one of my favorite TOPS’ experiences.

Barb Cady, Chairman of the Board of Directors for TOPS, shared her wit and wisdom in her Monday Moment of Truth blog.


Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI)

Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number calculated using your height and weight. BMI is usually a reliable way of measuring your total body fat and figuring out if you fall into the overweight or obese range. Check out our easy to use BMI calculator.

Colorful food on plates

Flexible Meal Plans

TOPS is not about dieting or selling you a specific food plan. It’s about giving real people just like you the support and tools they need to make lasting lifestyle changes that make sense for them. That said, TOPS does strongly recommend three different healthy eating plans.

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TOPS Events and Retreats

TOPS events and retreats are inspiring and fun. Members across North America meet for workshops, rallies, recognition ceremonies, retreats, and other events throughout the year. Join other TOPS members from your area for inspiration and camaraderie.